Welcome to the Woerner Sealing Technology Website!
Woerner Sealing Technology cooperates with a businesspartner from the sealing industry. Together we produce and deliver a new and highly effective sealing system for rotating shafts like those of pumps, mixers, reactors, screw feeders, agitators, vacuum dryers etc..
The patented sealing system has been designed to replace mechanical seals and packing seals and gives you the ability to predict at last 2 weeks in advance when a leak may occur.
The new technology:

  • Is non-sensitive to slurry

  • Can run dry (no flushing or quenching required)

  • Gives you a two week notice before the system starts to leak

  • Can handle extreme run outs (standard sealing systems up to 1mm)

  • Is a plug & play system and replaces mechanical seals and packing seals

  • Is a non-stopping-system. The seal maintenance can be done while the machine is running

  • Maintains Zero Leakage

  • Is ceramic and silicon free almost unbreakable solution

  • Can be used in various applications: Chemical, Food, Medical, Marine, etc